What Are The Benefits of Automotive Security Systems

Technology is developing at an incredible pace in modern times, and one need only look at the automotive industry to understand the sheer extent of this development. The concept of self-driven cars has reached a point where it’s being touted to be the next big thing that will help the automotive industry to reach new heights. However, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind at all times when it comes to the applications of this particular technology – the implied threats it poses to automotive security. Keeping this in mind, there are many developments being carried out in the field of vehicle cyber security to help ensure that a problem doesn’t become even more massive over time. Some of the benefits afforded by propagating the notion of automotive security systems are mentioned below.

Higher levels of driver safety

The majority of road accidents that have occurred because of humans, leading to unnecessary and avoidable injuries. By integrating the technology of self-driven cars, roadside safety can be improved immensely since human input becomes minimal and the chance of roadside accidents decreases considerably. Connected car security can also help in the integration of technology which can help track the health level of drivers and ensure that no accidents are caused simply because these drivers are not fit enough to be driving in the first place.

Effective vehicle analytics

IoT technology has helped immensely in the development of a common platform for data to be gathered and analysed. This will help ensure that any problems that might arise during the production process can be identified and taken care as soon as possible. Thus, nipping the problem in the bud will help ensure that it doesn’t become a major issue later on. When it comes to the automotive industry, connected car cyber security can be enabled through the integration of a vehicle analytics dashboard that can provide real-time information on the functioning of a vehicle, that will allow companies to identify any recurring problems and initiate the process to fix this problem.

Securing location services

The rise in IoT solutions for the automotive industry is truly incredible, and one of the major reasons why this is the case is because of location services. This has made regular OTA software updates mandatory since they will help provide regular updates to ensure that nothing malicious can affect these location services and potentially hamper the organised structure of the automotive industry.

Therefore, by integrating these connected car cyber security solutions into the automotive industry, the process of developing and implementing the connected car technology can be done with relative ease. Driver safety, vehicle analytics, and the protection of location services are just some of the many benefits that can be enjoyed by making automotive security systems the norm in the automotive industry. The future of the automotive industry is here, and it’s only through the continuous promotion of automotive security systems that this fantasy is slowly becoming a full-blown reality.

Top Reasons To Clean Auto Parts By Austin Mechanics

The battery being one of the most important components of the car requires to be clean every now and then. Make sure to check the battery once or twice a match as there can be leakage and buildup on the battery contact points. If the battery is leaking or there is buildup, it can cause starting problems and the battery can wear out quickly. It is not that difficult to clean the battery and people choose the DIY process to clean it. All you need is a few materials like corrosion liquid, brush, gloves etc and you can DIY.


Cleaning the engine air filter is also something that all professional mechanics suggest to do in order to avoid any unnecessary engine problems. The engine air filter plays a major role in preventing the dust particles from entering the engine and gets dirty quickly. The engine air filter should be cleaned every month or after a long trip as it can affect the fuel economy and engine performance. You can DIY it or get the car to a professional mechanic to get it done. If you DIY, you need a few tools like a vacuum cleaner, gloves, oil etc to get it done. Keeping the engine air filter clean improves the performance of the engine and fuel economy as well.


These are the things that people ignore to take care of, but are the ones which are really important to ensure safety while driving. A dirty windshield and dim lights can cause problems while driving and lead to accidents. Keeping them clean should be a priority for car owners as maintaining other parts of the car. The windshield should be cleaned every couple of days, while the lights should be checked and clean every time you wash the car or get it serviced. It helps in seeing properly in all sorts of weather condition and improves the lifespan of the windshield.

Buying Used Race Car Auto Performance Parts

Race car enthusiasts are always on look out for high-quality race car auto parts for improving the performance of their race cars. It is a fact that good quality race car parts are expensive and there are some race car owners who cannot afford them or think of reducing the costs of purchasing race car auto parts. These race car owners buy used parts in good condition to save some money. Actually, buying used car race parts is not a bad idea provided you get them in genuine condition. If you have eye for detail, no harm in buying used parts, though you should keep your eye on shady deals.

When it comes to availability of used race parts, these are not hard to get. These are available on the net, flea markets, car parts market, salvage yards, gas stations, etc., You can also get them from mechanics who repair and modify race cars. These parts are also sold by various sellers on some free internet shopping sites. Most of these sellers are race car owners who take off old parts and replace them with new parts. They hope to make some cash by selling used race car auto parts to buyers looking for them.

Race car parts wear and tear quickly as compared to auto parts on regular cars. It is because race cars have high-performance engines that push other parts to their limit every time. Race cars are not meant to be driven at 40mph; they are driven at mind boggling speeds and each part’s function is stretched to the limit. This results in quicker wear and tear, therefore requiring replacement. This invariably means that race car parts galore in the market. Used race car parts do not come with any warranty because they are already used and most of these parts have crossed their warranty period anyways.

Some of the common parts that get damaged during the race in a race car are the rims, suspension, trailing arms or springs, racing hose fittings, etc,. Some junkyards and salvage car yards have used race car parts in heavy quantity that have been repaired or modified. These parts are re-painted and repaired so that they are ready to use in no time. Another advantage of purchasing used race car parts is that these parts are delivered in shorter time period when compared to the time taken to deliver other auto parts.

Coming to conclusion, the prices of used race car parts are different from each other. Their pricing depends on many factors, such as market availability, condition of used parts, their function, etc,. The make and design also plays a crucial role in determining the rates of used auto parts. Salvage yards or junkyards are the perfect place to shop for used race car parts. Sometimes, you can find rare parts in these scrapyards which you could not imagine. You also get to see and check the condition of used parts by yourself, which is not possible when you buy them online. Many buyers are also getting cheated because they are delivered dysfunctional and broken race car auto parts.